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September 2009>


October is upon us, which means one of the most popular holidays next to Christmas is also.  On All Hallows Eve (or a weekend close to it) kids and adults will dress up as their favorite whatever and go out and collect goodies and/or a good time. It's a huge commercial business and you'll even see entire stores that open up just for this one holiday.Of course, hot items are always costumes, w.... read more

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Pocket Projects

Do you remember all the great stuff you used to have in your pockets as a kid?  Sure, your mom called it "junk" and threw most of it away, but in your mind, there was a lot of quality material in there.  Most of it served no purpose other than to stimulate your imagination (how many little boys still see a pen cap as a rocket or a stick as a gun?), but that was the purpose. I still have.... read more

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A Better Mousetrap?

The common mousetrap is a design that has been around forever and inspired Ralph Waldo Emerson to say "Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door."  It is one thing to create something totally new and another to improve on what has already been created. I have to admit, the whole concept is downright dastardly: lure a mouse to a hair-trigger, releasing a spring-load.... read more

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PVC Pipe Dreams

I am not ashamed to admit I love PVC pipe and I'm not a plumber.  PVC (which stands for polyvinyl chloride) is amazing stuff.  Sometimes correctly referred to as "Tinker-Toys for adults", these plastic pipes can be used to construct just about any kind of structure you need for very little cost. Personally, I have created a laptop stand for my car, a camera stabilizing device and Captur.... read more

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