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October is upon us, which means one of the most popular holidays next to Christmas is also.  On All Hallows Eve (or a weekend close to it) kids and adults will dress up as their favorite whatever and go out and collect goodies and/or a good time. It's a huge commercial business and you'll even see entire stores that open up just for this one holiday.

Of course, hot items are always costumes, whether bought or rented.  We all know, however, that the best costumes are always the ones that are created and not purchased directly.  One year my little twin daughters were Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Suess' The Cat in the Hat.  Not only could you not buy that in the store, but we knew no one else's kids would be dressed that way and they were an immediate hit.  I was The Cat himself, but had to rent the hat.

There are some incredibly resourceful costume creators out there and I'm not talking just with fabric.  I've seen some sci-fi nuts make their own Halo armor, full Transformer outfits and even a working loader from the movie Aliens.  Crazy,  but very fun.

So there, the gauntlet has been thrown down.  What are you going to be this year?  How much time will you spend to be unique and turn heads?  Don't be one of the many, be one of the few!  Make something cool and go down in someone's party history.

Excuse me, I need to get back to crafting my glowing Green Lantern ring...


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