How to Make A Crochet Chain-Stitch

So, I bet there are at least a few of you out there that have at least been curious about the art of crochet. And even if you’ve never even considered learning it, I’m sure you have something in mind that would be really cool to make. Well, once you get past the idea that crocheting or knitting is some sort of strange social stigma, you’ll learn it can be extremely fun and rewarding! It just takes a little time, patience, and effort.

First off, you’ll need to begin with either your slip knot or something similar that acts as a good grip. Most people use a slip knot, but I don’t like to, and many others prefer to do something of their own, as well. So, what I do, is take the string, begin pulling it out through the middle of the yarn bunch, and wrap it around my thumb once, pull it down to my pinky, wrap it twice, and bring it up to my index finger, back around and down, and I pinch it between either my ring finger or my middle finger, depending on the project. Basically, you can just get a feel for how your fingers work with the yarn and hooks and see what works best for you.

Okay, now that you’re in the starting position, let’s make the first loop of the chain:

Take your hook, stick it next to the area of yarn that is pulled taught by you (the yarn between your index finger and your pinching fingers) and twist the hook up in it once so you have some yarn wrapped around it. Once you have that, you should keep your starting position. It will not change. It acts as a pulley system for the yarn, as well as a sort of tension control for it. Now, take the hook, and put it in front of the tight yarn and wrap it around once so you have some more string around the hook. After that, just pull the hook through the first ring of yarn that you made previously.  This will make the loop of yarn you just pulled through come out on the other side of the string. Now, you will grab some more yarn, wrap it around, and pull it through the last loop you made. This continues until you are satisfied with the length of your chain.

There you have it-- Your very own crochet chain. Good job! Keep it up and have fun!