How to Whiten Your Teeth in a Tanning Bed

This is more of a quick tip, and the evidence is partially theoretical, but I think it works pretty well, to some degree. I have noticed in my own time that it can actually work, but I believe there is more that I can do and I will update you with my findings. Anyhow, let’s get the disclaimer over with:
**DISCLAIMER** Indoor tanning or UV Ray Exposure is not endorsed or recommended by myself, or the company that owns this domain. Studies have shown significant risk in regular practice of these methods of tanning and you are advised to expose yourself to UV rays at your own risk.

So, have you ever seen someone having their teeth whitened and the dentist is just flashing a light in their mouth? One of the confirmed reasons for this light is that it provides a heat source to speed up the whitening process as performed by gels. It is believed by some that the certain type of light used is also a factor, but as different dentists actually swear by different types of bulbs that produce different types of light, it’s hard to say that for sure. But, all we really need to know is that the heat speeds it up.

Okay, now, if you are currently a tanner of sorts, then you know that there is a good amount of heat produced by the beds and your body can become quite warm. Well, there’s the answer to the how. If you apply a tooth whitening gel, in a small quantity evenly on your teeth, before tanning in an indoor bed, you could be speeding up the performance of the duty overtaken by said gel. Disclaimer time once more:
**DISCLAIMER** Neither I, nor the owners of this domain, advise the use of tooth whitening gels. Use at your own risk.

Now, you want to be careful of the UV rays, being that your is going to be more sensitive to the exposure. But, just tan like you normally do and your gel will warm in your mouth. If you would like to open your mouth a tiny bit, you are doing so at your own risk, but DO NOT leave it open for long. What  I can say for sure is that because the heat speeds up the whitening process, you are actually making it that much more effective. Since your mouth is constantly producing saliva and your teeth are always getting soaked (eww, right?) the whitening gel you apply at home gets washed away all the time. But when you make it work faster, you’re adding more whitening to the time before the gel washes away. Now, now, I know you use the whitening strips or you use a tooth guard, or whatever. If you already go tanning, just decide if you want to try this, as well. I don’t officially recommend this to anyone else, as I believe people can tan if the feel like it or refrain from it if they want to do that, too. But I’ll be doing it and I expect results.

Good luck!