How To Make A Tanning Lotion Mixture That Is Right For You

So, as a possibly experienced tanner, you want to know more about the lotions that are provided at your local tanning salon, right? Those expensive bottles all do different things and the girl at the counter is talking in circles that all come back around to the most expensive brand, huh?  Well, I’m here to help you figure out which bottles will do the trick and how to combine lotions for your desired effect.

First of all, each lotion, by itself, will perform a specific task.

First, you have the lotions that bronze you, but the tan fades quickly. Those are for the times that you need a quick tan, like if you were doing a modeling photo shoot the next day, or you were wearing a certain outfit for a night out.

Next, you have the lotions that allow for a deeper tan, but it’s a light color. That is for sun preparation. If you’re skin is going to burn, you want it to happen and heal before you go to The Bahamas, right? That’s what those are for.

Then, there are the lotions that maximize your skin’s sensitivity to the UV rays. They are called “tingles” and they achieve their goal by bringing your red blood cells to the surface of your skin. Now, I am very sensitive to those lotions and they hurt me a lot when I use them even before sun exposure, but others only develop a slight tingling sensation and their color is the best tan they’ve ever had. I believe it is to do with a combination of dark skin tone and tanning experience, but simply be cautious when using these.

And, finally, you have the lotions with Anti-Aging properties. A lot of the other lotions will include anti-aging items within their mixtures, but not all of them do and their not as concentrated as these. These lotions claim to fill in wrinkles and firm your skin, but you would have to ask someone who is older than me about their effectiveness.

So, now that you know what the major types of lotions are, you can learn how to mix them. Say you want a better color, but you are also sensitive to tingles. Well, you can simply place a tiny bit of tingle lotion in a cup and a lot of a lotion with an added cooling or menthol effect. I would recommend you start with one part of tingle lotion to every five parts of other lotion you use. You can raise your limits as you continue.

So, just use these basic principles and you’ll be on your way to the lotion mixture that works best for you. Good luck! Be careful! Enjoy!