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The Creative Urge

What makes us make things?

It seems that no matter who we are, there is something inside of us that forces us to create.  I don't care what your hobbies are, there is a creative element within us all that demands we build, invent, construct and restore.  Some creativity is more conventional, like the artists that puts pen to paper or brush to canvas.  Some doesn't even seem like "art", but is it still creative.  Ever been amazed at the cleanliness of a room or the technique for knocking down a wall?  Each, in its own way, is a creative exercise.  Like so much we do without realizing, there are creative forces at work.

Size does not matter.  You can be the architect of the largest building in the world, or paint a portrait on the head of a pin with a hair.  You can rebuild an engine or cook a fine meal.  You can swiish a 3-point shot or construct a delicate house of cards.  You can perform a magic trick or just write the perfect letter to someone who needs to hear from you.  This impulse draws on our talent, and we all have both.

Whatever the reason for this compulsion is, it seems to work upon from both directions, the outside in and the inside out.  Some claim others inspired them, while the rest may have a seed planted in their mind that grows into something unexpected and spectacular.  It really doesn't matter.  What matters is that we continue to feed this hunger of ours to create.  Deny it and you may find yourself hungrier than ever.


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